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Where Can You Buy PlayStation 5 in April 2023? 

Here are all the locations where you can buy PlayStation 5 in the UK, US and Australia!

Available in Australia

Amazon Australia currently offers AU$109 off this bundle, including a PS5 console and a copy of one of the most recent and critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive games, God of War Ragnarok. It’s worth noting that the console included here is the disc edition.

EB Games was one of the first retailers to sell out of the PS5, as the console received many pre-orders during 2021. EB Games’ stock issues have subsided, and both the regular console and digital editions are now available for purchase. In addition, to click and collect, EB Games allows you to check the stock at your local store.

Buy PS5 In the USA!

The PS5 God of War Ragnarok bundle is now available for purchase on Amazon; you no longer need to submit your information for an invite. However, this limitation persists in some other consoles and bundles. You must contact the seller if you want the console or the Digital Edition. When it is in stock, the retailer will contact you. Once it’s available, you’ll have up to 72 hours to use your exclusive invite, but you won’t be guaranteed a console, so you’ll need to act quickly.

The latest PS5 and God of War Ragnarok bundle is also available at Walmart. You can also select between the standard PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition. This is the retailer’s only bundle available right now.

Get best offer on PS5 in the UK!

The only store at any given time Very has many PS5 bundles available. It has a few more customisable options than other retailers, so it’s good if you want to buy some different games or accessories with a console. Currently, bundles are in stock and not a preorder for a few weeks.

At the present time, Sony’s official PlayStation Direct store has many consoles or bundles in stock. It’s good if you just want the standard PS5 or the much more difficult-to-find Digital Edition. PS Plus members also receive free delivery, whereas non-members must purchase an additional game or accessory to avoid paying for shipping.

ShopTo usually has the PS5 in stock, but it’s usually just the latest bundle on offer. Sometimes, you can personalise yourself by purchasing additional games or accessories, but these are usually limited to what the retailer decides is available – and you pay full price anyway. Look for bundles that include a £20 gift card, as this is effectively free money to spend on any extras.

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